Leo Geyer

composer | conductor

Broken Mirror 2013

percussion duet 

Written for Aurora Duo and first performed on the 29th April 2013 at the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, by the duo.




Per. I (4 & 1/3 8ve Marimba & large tom-tom) | Per. II (5 8ve marimba & large tom-tom) 


After the smash, the silence seems so loud.

Superstition hangs in the air, like an uninvited guest.

Something must break the tension,

but the empty mirror frame just stares blankly.

The floor is scattered with glass.

There are some long pointed shards, razor sharp.

And fragments with nothing but hairline cracks.

Strewn wider still are tiny splinters, like sand twinkling in the light.

The mirror is broken, but the glass still reflects.

A distorted face looks back, like a cubist portrait.

It seems to laugh mockingly,

‘7 years of bad luck’, the portrait says.


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Perusal Score

Please note that this music is in copyright and it is illegal to copy or perform from the perusal score. 

Performance History 

29th April 2013 - Aurora Duo, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall