Leo Geyer

composer | conductor

In the Moment 2011


Awarded RNCM Gold Medal Award 2011 

Written for Julian Clef and first performed on the 19th June 2011 at the RNCM by Julian. 




As the light fades and silence falls,

the complex map of dots and lines stare back fiercely.

You stop and close your eyes

until the heart ceases its pounding and breathing calms.

Only then does the mind stop its endless wandering.

The first note cuts through and the world changes.

Body, mind and sound suddenly fuse in perfect unity.

Time itself seems to freeze, as if it too is lost in sound.

Then the pages run out, like a fire without fuel.

The world begins to refocus,

and in an instant the moment is gone.


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Perusal Score

Please note that this music is in copyright and it is illegal to copy or perform from the perusal score. 

Recording of the premiere by Julian Clef

Performance History 

19th June 2011 - Julian Clef, RNCM Concert Hall

5th March 2012 - Julian Clef, North West New Music Festival