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Leo Geyer

composer | conductor

 Full recording by Tim Williams with art by Louise Smith

Jasmine 2014


Commissioned for Tim Williams and first performed on the 2nd February 2014 at the Islington Mill, Manchester by Tim. 

Duration 5mins | Difficulty Professional | Scoring solo cimbalom 


Three balls of tightly bound jasmine leaves sink in the steaming teapot.  

As the water seeps in, like green tentacles, the leaves unravel.

They reach out,

the water freeing them of their caged sphere.  

Until the shapes are lost entirely and as the tea is poured,

the long narrow leaves fuse together,

swimming freely at the bottom of the cup.  

Perusal Score 

Please note that this music is in copyright and it is illegal to copy or perform from the perusal score. 

Performance History 

2nd Feb 2014 - Tim Williams, Islington Mill (Manchester) 

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