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Leo Geyer

composer | conductor

Orange Moon 2011

small ensemble

Written for Royal Northern College of Music and first performed on the 19th May 2011 at the college by the RNCM, conducted by the composer.




clarinet in Bb| bassoon  | trumpet in Bb | snare drum | piano | 2 violins 


The moon lies low in the sky as if balanced on distant rooftops,

but its white face is transformed.


All around, the world is bathed in an orange glow.

Transfixed by its beauty,

my eyes lose themselves in the shifting of orange shades,

from apricot to tangelo to fiery red,

the moon turns into a ball of flames.


I sit and stare into the orange face long into the night,

my thoughts following the waxing and waning colours of the moon.


This music is available to purchase for £30 excluding postage. Please get in touch. 

Perusal Score

Please note that this music is in copyright and it is illegal to copy or perform from the perusal score. 

Performance History 

19th May 2011 - Royal Northern College of Music, RNCM

4th Feb 2023 - Manchester University Music Society, Cosmo Concert Hall

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