Leo Geyer

composer | conductor

Rewind 2022

wind quartet

Written for Boxwood and Brass as part of the Henfrey Prize 2022 and first performed by Boxwood and Brass at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford.




2 clarinets in Bb, horn in Eb & bassoon

Ideally all instruments should be of the Classical era, specifically those used during Mozart’s lifetime.

Programme Note

Rewind refers to both the act of looking back and re-engaging with a former musical time and the actual process of rewinding and fast-forwarding a recording. The Henfrey Prize asked the shortlisted candidates to compose a new work for the period instrument ensemble Boxwood and Brass. After deliberating how I should compose a modern composition for historic instruments, I felt that the most compelling direction was to engage with the music designed for these instruments, specifically the Adagio from Mozart’s “Gran Partita”. Initially I created a digital composition by playing around with a recording of the wind serenade. Specifically, I used a granular synthesizer which enables the possibility to independently alter time and pitch without distortion allowing for “unnatural” sounding outcomes. This includes the somewhat seasick sensation when a slowing down excerpt of music goes up in pitch rather than down as would be the case in analogue synthesis. In addition to reducing Mozart’s 13-piece ensemble to 4 players, I had the challenging task of reimagining a complex digital composition into a live concert work.


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