Leo Geyer

composer | conductor

The Canary Boys work in progress 

grand opera-ballet

libretto by Luke Barnes

Commissioned by Constella OperaBallet, The Canary Boys is currently undergoing research and development. For more information, please click here.  









Based on real stories, The Canary Boys follows the struggle for acceptance of a family who have walked from Scotland to the South of England to work in the pits. Upon their arrival, the local community rejects the miners, treating them as lower class citizens. The father, Ted, and sons, Howard and Tom, work in the mines, and both boys fall in love with Sarah, leading them to fight, and driving Tom out of the community. Time passes and Tom returns to the mining community, having lived in isolation and poverty. Howard on the other hand has been working hard to support the community, and helped to establish schools and the welfare club. Ted is sick and on his deathbed, at which point the brothers make peace, and the community welcomes Howard back.


This work is not currently available for hire or purchase.