Leo Geyer

composer | conductor

The Phoenix Fanfare 2022

brass trio & drum kit

Commissioned by the East London Music Group and first performed at Rich Mix (London) on 7th May 2022 by the ensemble conducted by Matthew Hardy.




Trumpet in Bb

Horn in F,

Tenor Trombone

Drum Kit (kick, snare, 3 tom-toms with ride, cowbell, hit-hat and crash cymbals)

Programme Note 

This fanfare was commissioned to open a concert by the East London Music Group celebrating the reopening of the British performing arts sector and the ability for musicians and audiences to reconnect. The mythological phoenix which dies in flames only to be reborn anew in the ashes, seemed to perfectly personify new life, energy and hope following two years of gruelling restrictions during the Covid pandemic. The cyclical nature of the phoenix’s life also plays out in the musical structure. Specifically, each phrase is an extended variation of the previous phrase, so that musical material returns in ever greater cycles, which I describe as a vortex structure.  


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